Time in the starry sky and beautiful nature of Japan's best
LUXURY Glamping

Achi Village, located in the southern tip of Nagano Prefecture, is famous for having the most beautiful starry sky in Japan.
In spring, the village is a paradise of peach blossoms, in summer, lush greenery and flowers,
in autumn, the mountains are colored with red leaves, and in winter, the village is a world of white and silver.
In this special place where you can enjoy the exceptional beauty of nature throughout the 4 seasons,
the star-themed Nordic-style luxury glamping "mökki STARDUST GLAMPING achi village" opened in August 2022.
Enjoy an extraordinary glamping STAY in a starry village with countless stars that are almost within reach.

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starry sky glamping


"starry sky glamping" to enjoy the Japan's best sky full of stars

An hour and a half from Nagoya, on the border of Nagano and Gifu prefectures. Surrounded by mountains, Achi Village is famous for having the most beautiful starry sky in Japan.
People from all over Japan come to seek the miraculous starry sky. Please spend a LUXURY 'starry sky glamping' experience, which can only be had in this special place.

Glamping tents

A total of 12 cabins, 5 types you can choose
Glamping tents

The rooms include the first large dome tent in the Achi Village area that can accommodate overnight stays, the limited-time Lotus Bell tent, and the Cocoon tent that you can stay with your dog. The spacious tents with high ceilings offer an extraordinary glamping experience.
The tents are also fully air-conditioned, so you can enjoy a glamorous outdoor experience in all-season comfort. Furthermore, the luxury dome tent is equipped with outdoor Jacuzzi space for a more elegant stay.

Glamping BBQ

lip-smacking treats of Nagano's produce
Glamping BBQ

We prepare a sumptuous BBQ menu using fresh ingredients grown in the rich nature of Minami-Shinshu. All you have to do is grill and heat up the pre-prepared dishes. Enjoy the experience of BBQ on an authentic overseas-made grill.
We also offer an overnight stay plan without meals, where you can bring ingredients by yourself and enjoy your original BBQ.

All-inclusive drink service

Enjoy much more elegant glamping
All-inclusive drink service

Inside the facility, we offer an all-inclusive drink service so that you can spend your glamping stay more luxuriously.
Beer, chuhai (grape, plum, lemon), highball, wine, and soft drinks are available, and you can enjoy as much as you like for free. (Some quantities are limited)
With a drink in hand, spend an elegant time in nature.

■ Hours of use: 16:00 to 20:30

A cocoon tent

With private dog run
A cocoon tent where you can spend time with your dog

A rare cocoon tent with a private dog run.
You can enjoy glamping with your dog.Amenities for your beloved dog are also provided in the room, so you can enjoy a glamping stay where you can feel nature while letting your beloved dog play freely.

■Rooms where you can spend time with your dog will be closed from December to February 16, 2024, and will reopen from February 17.

Various activities

In cooperation with local partners
Various activities

In addition to the starry sky tour and the sea of clouds tour in autumn which is held at an altitude of 1,400 meters in Achi Village and attracts tourists from all over Japan, there are a lot of activities to enjoy the nature of Achi Village to the fullest as rafting in a clear stream rich in nature, fishing or catching river fish, bike rental, trekking and so on. This is a place where you can enjoy a special time away from everyday life and experience nature to the fullest.

For women and outdoor beginners

For women and outdoor beginners
Ample amenities / Enjoy the skin-beautifying waters at Tsukikawa Onsen.

We offer a full range of facilities and amenities so that even outdoor beginners can stay easily. In addition to basic necessities such as towels and toothbrushes, we also offer a variety of amenities for women such as toner and lotion.
Also available nearby is a hot spring - Tsukikawa Onsen, whose waters contributes to beautiful skin.

The best outdoor sauna experience

Totonou(fitness) under the most beautiful starry sky in Japan
The best outdoor sauna experience

Tent saunas are available as a relaxing outdoor experience in the midst of starry sky and seasonal nature.In the tent sauna, where you can enjoy self-löyly, aroma water is available for your relaxation.Aroma mist spreads throughout the sauna room as you perform the self-löyly, increasing the temperature and perspiration effect, and refreshing your body and mind through metabolism and detoxification.

Spice BAR

Spice BAR

A "Spice Bar" has been set up in the Administration Building where visitors can enjoy making their own original spices. About 15 kinds of spices are available, and you can freely combine them to make your own spice concoctions.The original spices can also be used as an accent for BBQ.

Cocoon tent with sauna

New! Winter only!
Cocoon tent with sauna now available

During the winter season only, from December to February 16, the Cocoon Tent is available as a room with a tent sauna for private use. During the period when the sky is clear and the stars are shining brightly, you can enjoy the sauna in private, warm up your body, and then take an outdoor bath to gaze at the starry sky.If it snows, you can even dive into the snow! You can enjoy this special winter-only stay.


A total of 12 rooms are available, including unique large Dome tents, Cocoon tents where you can stay with your dog,
and Lotus Bell tents which are available only from May to October.
Two of the dome tents are equipped with private Jacuzzis for a more luxurious stay.
You can enjoy a glamorous and confortable outdoor experience in all seasons.

  • Standard Dome

    Dome tent
    [4 beds]
    Standard Dome

    2-6 people
  • Riverside Dome

    Dome tent
    [2 beds]
    Riverside Dome

    2-6 people
  • Luxury Dome

    Dome tent
    [with Private Jacuzzi]
    Luxury Dome

    2-6 people
  • コクーンテント

    Cocoon tent
    [Pet friendly]
    Cocoon tent

    2-6 people
  • Lotus belle tent

    Lotus belle tent
    Lotus belle tent

    2-4 people

for Beginners
Various facilities

    • Individual BBQ space

    • Individual BBQ space with roof and walls next to the tent is equipped, so there is no need to be worried about rain or wind.

    • Individual toilets and showers

    • Individual toilets and shower rooms are available all day.
      ※[with Jacuzzi] Luxury domes are equipped with a Jacuzzi and bathroom in addition to a toilet.
    • Amenities

    • Bath towels, face towels, bath mats, pajamas, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, toner, lotion, and toothbrush are provided.

    • Cutlery

    • A full range of cutlery including glasses, cups, plates, knives, forks, and spoons.

    • Coffee buffet

    • You can choose from four types of coffee beans and have freshly ground coffee at your leisure.

    • Games and Outdoor goods

    • We have a wide variety of games and outdoor goods for you to enjoy during your stay.

    • Photo Spot

    • We have prepared a photo spot to capture the best starry sky in Japan for your social networking.

    • [Luxury Dome Exclusive] Starry Sky Jacuzzi

    • An outdoor Jacuzzi is available exclusively for Luxury Rooms, allowing you to enjoy nature and the starry sky in a private space.

Pick up

Pick up event information and advantageous information of "mökki".

Touris activities.

Enjoy various experiences unique to Achi Village in cooperation with local companies.

Area info
Sightseeing spots



We are happy to answer any questions you may have about us. You can also find more information about facilities and equipment on therooms pageof our website.


Check-in location


4152-67 Chisato, Achimura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano, 395-0304 Japan

※If you can't find us on your navigation system, please set the destination to Yumi-no-Mata Campsite to get to the front of the site.

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