Sora Sanpo(Sky-walking) Tenryu Gorge, Tenryu Gorge Bridge

The 280-meter-long, 80-meter-high “Tenryu Gorge Bridge” is located on the San-ton Nanshin Expressway in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture.
It is a beautiful scenic spot with cliffs and strange rocks on both banks of the Tenryu River, which is fed by Lake Suwa and runs through the Ina Valley from north to south and empties into the Pacific Ocean, as if a dragon had passed through it.
The trail “Sora Sanpo Tenryu Gorge” is under the roadway and offers views of the Tenryu River, river rafting, and railroads passing along the tracks.


■Sora Sanpo Tenryu Gorge Operating Hours

March-October: 6:30-18:00
November-February: 7:30-16:30
*Hours are subject to change depending on weather conditions.
*Image is for illustration purposes.


※Image is for illustration purposes.

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