Tengyo Park Land [Fishing Pond and Catching Fish]

There is  “Tengyo Parkland”, a nature experience facility located near mokki.

You can try fishing in rockfish and amago ponds, and rainbow trout ponds, as well as catch their own fish.

You can also grill your catch on the hearth and eat it, or take it home.

Whether with your family, as a couple, or with friends, come and enjoy the natural experience that will delight your senses at Tenuo Parkland. Fully enjoy to immerse in nature and let your body rejoice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!”



■ Pets are welcome to accompany you! 🐾
・We kindly request that only individuals who have administered at least 5 vaccinations to their pets and can provide proper care (such as cleaning up after them) utilize our facilities.
・Please keep your pets on a leash of no more than 1.5 meters and kindly consider the comfort of other customers.

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Official website
From mid-March to the end of November
Every Thursday
Operating hours
4174-1, Chisato, Shimoina Gun Achi Mura, Nagano Ken, 395-0304, Japan